International Dietitian reTreat

May 1-6, 2023 | Valencia, Spain

It's Time to reTreat Yo'self

Community | Connection | Conversation | Growth

$5555 total | Payment Plans Available

You're invited to a retreat that can be life changing for you!

The Dietitian Collaborative reTreat Yo'self was created for dietitians who are down to think outside the box & do business differently! They inspire connection & collaboration, and can help you reenergize your solopreneur drive! There's something about being surrounded by uplifting allow you to harness your uniqueness, embrace your human design, and open your eyes to exploring new ways of doing business that are 100% you!

Also, they're a frickin' blast!

Sooo what's going down on this trip? Glad you asked...I'd love to tell you!

Private chef ...because yum!

Local culture immersion through food ...because also yum!

Cooking classes ...does it show that I love exploring cities & cultures through food?...because YUM!!!

Miles of Coast Line on the Balearic Sea ...beach!!! aren't all bodies of water connected anyway?

Private yoga instructor ...nothing like some quality morning movement to get you going!

Personalized 1:1 human design sessions ...gotta add a little woo to what you I right?

Free flowing conversation about your business ...a collaborative space to think about biz differently!

Adventure & Exploration're gonna be in SPAIN! we gotta explore!

This trip has been created to allow you the space to look inward, reflect on what makes you unique, and harness that awesomeness as well as the energy of those around you to propel you to make decisions for you & your business in a way that highlights the most authentic you!

Harnessing your human design, infusing some mind, body, soul work, and the power of the community to unleash your superpowers!

This is not your typically business retreat...we are not going to spend hours around a conference table, staring at our computers!

We're going to get out of our normal work environments, surround ourselves with awesome humans, good food, and beautiful experiences.

By reTreating yo' can have the space to allow new ideas to flow!

$5555 total | Payment Plans Available

The Deets

Where | Valencia, Spain

When | Arrival: May 1st Departure: May 6th 2023

Airport | Valencia (VLC)

Arranged Transportation from Valencia Airport to Accommodations

$5555 total | Payment Plans Available

Tentative Itinerary

We'll start our days slow with morning yoga & stretching.

Refuel with local breakfast favorites (café con leche & desayuno) & delish local cuisine like paella Valenciana!

Our days will be spent exploring Valencia & its beaches, hiking surrounding hill land, exploring our human design, as well as making space to have idea exchanges & flowing conversations about our businesses!

Oh and there will always be time for an afternoon siesta!

There is space for 5 people on this Collaborative reTreat!

Let's Meet Up in Valencia in May!

Investment | $5555

(Includes Voxer Community Chat access until May 1st)

If it feels aligned, I would love for you to be there!

$5555 total | Payment Plans Available