The Why & Who

Hey & Welcome!!!

I’m Celestina! Grab your beverage of choice (it’s wine o’clock somewhere, am I right?) and let’s chat…

Fellow dietitian, connector of dietitians, foodie...and human design obsessed!

I'm all about connecting & uplifting our fellow dietitians, and ultimately creating a field that is collaborative! 

As a whole, as dietitians, we have a tendency to keep our secret sauce tightly sealed. It's a bummer...because I've seen the magic that can happen when we work together! 

Fostering Dietitian Community

The work I do through The Dietitian Collaborative is a all about creating virtual & in-person spaces for dietitians to:

Connect | Collab | Create Community | Grow 

As RDs we have the ability to change people's lives in so many different acute, outpatient, community, and private practice settings. 

We all have our own unique skills, lived experiences, and knowledge that we bring to the table when working with clients or collabing with fellow dietitians. and its beautiful that we get to infuse ourselves & our values into what we do on a daily basis...

We have soo much we can share with each other, so that we can learn & grow together!

One of my favorite tools to help dietitians unleash their superpowers is human design! Think of human design as a hippy alternative to enneagram or myer's briggs...its a way to get to better understand yourself, your unique qualities, and how you can grow your business in a way that feels 100% you! also...knowing your strengths & superpowers better allows you to collaborate more confidently with your fellow'll know exactly where & how you can contribute!

As a female-dominated profession there is no reason we should be feeling as though we need to compete with each other or shit on each other...we should be lifting each other up!

So this is what The Dietitian Collaborative...and I, are all about!

I love connect with my fellow dietitians for virtual coffee learn more about you, to connect you to fellow RDs, and to see if we may be able to collab in the future! So...if you're down, let's grab a virtual cappuccino (or your beverage of choice) together!

Mission: Connecting & creating collaborative community spaces for registered dietitians. Encouraging solopreneur dietitians to seek community so that they feel supported along their business journey. Challenging the typical business decision making strategies and empowering dietitians to create and grow their businesses in a way that feels aligned.  

The Who...

A bit more about me...on the personal size of things...

I'm currently in📍Vegas, between continents...lived in  Germany earlier this year & will be in Australia later this year (Air Force wife life is wild)! I make these moves with my mustache rocking husband, and sassy New Mexico pupper, Luna. (fun fact, I've lived in 5 states & every US timezone

I LOVE making pizza in the mini-oven on my porch...(it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had, and I’m not just saying that because I make it)…

Sunshine is my fave (and grey winters in Germany are super hard)…you’ll find me outside running with my pupper, long boarding, or SUPing & during the winter snowboarding! 🤙

My guilty pleasures are rom-coms & Netflix reality tv. 😅 I love a well made cocktail, a Gin Fizz is my go-to!

When I am not connecting & collabing with my fellow RDs…I’m traveling, exploring new foods or on the hunt for an amazing cup of coffee!