$99 monthly with 3 month commitment

I believe that the Mind & Support of a Community is greater than the Mind of the Expert!

aligned accountability details...

aligned accountability is for entrepreneur dietitians

$99 monthly with 3 month commitment

It's time to connect with some awesome RDs & find your dietitian bestie! 

What do we talk about in aligned accountability?

Aligned accountability is space to connect with dietitians who are down to do business differently & collaboratively. I like to encourage weekly 1:1s with other's in the group so you get to know each other better...like water cooler talk, but virtual! ...you may meet your business bestie!

Aligned accountability is a space to build genuine relationships. The best way to building relationships is through through connection in small groups...which is why each you can opt into a smaller group chat to stay connected between accountability sessions. 

Aligend accountability is a space to brainstorm any challenges in your business, without relying on the expert's opinion.  You can toss the question to the group, gain decades of wisdom & lived experiences that you can run through your own values & human design filter to determine if it's the right solution  for you!

Alignment is something that comes overtime, with a lot of patience, practice, and self-discovery. Aligned accountability is a sandbox for you to start exploring your human design & what aligned decision making feels like for you! Adding human design to community spaces allows us to communicate with each other in way that supports our unique designs. 

Givers gain is a concept of giving to others when you have something to contribute. When you have something, share it! 

If aligned accountability feels like a great fit...amazing! But I gotta let you know...that I practice what I preach & I'm truly here to create an uplifting & supportive environment for my fellow RDs, so I expect the same from those who are in this space as well. My promise to you...is to ensure that those who come into this space also come from a similar mindset...one of collaboration, not one of competition and shit talk! 

$99 monthly with 3 month commitment