reTreat FAQs

Why do you include free flowing conversation instead of a formal RoundTable?

Super short answer...I love when conversation flows naturally!

Often when we're put into a "must discuss this now" situation...we overlook some things. But When we allow conversation to flow naturally, in a group or 1:1, there is space for new ideas to arise...and most importantly, time to reflect!

Yes, the collective minds is super important! When we are chatting in a group & business discussion arises...I like to see it from the lens that it’s a space to rethink the solo in solopreneur & explore ways to run your business and make business decisions in a way that feels 100% you.

I'm also a proponient for free flowing conversations because...I'm not the business guru & I don't know all the answers. That's why having conversations with everyone who is on the reTreat can be beneficial in it's own way. Yes, the handful of larger group discussions can be awesome...but the magic happens 1:1 with each other!

All while exploring an international destination & embracing a mind, body, spirit approach!

Who is the reTreat for?

The reTreat Yo'self is open to all RDs & nutrition professionals!!!

Registered dietitians who are currently entrepreneurs looking to do things differently OR RDs working their full time gig who want to connect & brainstorm with like-minded RDs.

What’s the purpose of the group?

The purpose of The Dietitian Collaborative is to create a space for an intimate group of entrepreneur registered dietitians who want to do things differently! It’s for RD who are soo done feeling like they have to do all the things & who want be able to make decisions for their business in a more aligned way, that feels 100% them!

The goal is for the members to embrace & lean into their human design so that they grow their business in a way that feels aligned without having to follow someone else’s blueprint for success!

Where & When is the 2023 reTreat?

April 17-22, 2023 | Valencia, Spain USA, Dates TBD (Summer 2023)

What is the itinerary?


What else will we be doing?

Why are the reTreats international?

Why not?! Getting out of your typical environment can be amazing to get your thoughts rolling and to help you think outside the box.

How many RDs will be attending the reTreat?

There is space for 8 dietitians to attend the reTreat.

Why should you come to the reTreat?

Truthfully, I’m not here to convince you…if all of this amazingness resonates with you & you’re down to do things differently, make an impact in the way you do business, put a little woo in what you do, connect & form genuine friendships with some badass RDs, and explore Valencia, Spain ...then this reTreat is gonna be for you!

What does the reTreat cost?

How do I sign up for the reTreat?

Click here to schedule a time to chat with me! I would love to learn more about you, see if we vibe, and then we can talk about the payment plan that will best suit your needs.

How can I pay for the the reTreat?

You can pay for the reTreat using a credit card in one payment, or we can create a payment plan for 3 or 5 months.

Is the reTreat a business write-off?

Hell yeh it is!

What is covered in the price?

Literally everything from the time you touch down until you check out of the home. Your stay, all meals, beverages (wine included), and transportation will all be covered. If you want to purchase any souvenirs that's on you!