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You feel alone on the solopreneur journey.

You want a business that feels 100% you!

You want to harness your uniqueness & superpowers!

You want a space to collaborate with fellow Dietitians! 


You've worked with business coaches in the past & following their blueprint for success felt off!

It left you feeling discouraged, exhausted, frustrated, and like you still have to do all the things to make your business successful. 

I've been there & it sucks!

You go down this path of lack, scarcity, and not enoughness...

Questioning why you're in business & rethinking everything!

Is it even possible to feel like what I'm doing in my business is right for me...without having to follow someone else's blueprint for success?

fuck yeh it is!

You can run your business in a way that feels 100% you!

The Dietitian Collaborative co'Lab RoundTable allows you the space to harness your unique superpowers to create & grow a your business in a way that feels so aligned

...all while connecting and forming genuine collaborative relationships with fellow RDs!

Seriously though...

most things are better when you have a group of trusted people to run ideas by, collab with, and form a friendship with!

If this is your vibe...I would love for you to join the next intimate session of the co'Lab RoundTable starting Sept 27th, 2023.

Wanna chat about it? Let's do connect over coffee!

Considering joining the co'Lab RoundTable?

...but wish you could understand more about the vibe, the flow, and the transformations?

Great! Listen to this podcast episode where the RDs in the last session of the co'Lab RoundTable and I give you a peak into what one of our sessions looked like.

"I love having the ongoing conversations. I’ve tried mastermind groups before and I loved the small group and the connections built from this intimate group."


Harness Your Uniqueness

You don't have to follow someone else's blueprint for success! You already have your own...you just need a some guidance to harness your innate skills, and unleash the decision making tools that are within you. Drop the shoulds and embrace the you!

Build Genuine Relationships

Connecting virtually can feel fake AF! Within the co'Lab RoundTable we connect & create community with fellow RDs. Its space where we aim to build genuine friendships, lift each other up & celebrate wins!

Feel Aligned in Your Business

Embrace your Human Design to grow a business that is 100% you! You don't have to do anything that doesn't feel right to you! Learn to use your innate strengths in your marketing, business structure, and in collaborations.

"Having the Human Design reading before the RoundTable allowed me to have the mental shift I needed to allow me to run my how I was designed. I feel so much more aligned and confident!"

Liz L. RDN

1 payment of $888 or 3 payments of $333

The Breakdown

Over the course of the intimate 6 week RoundTable...you, me & 3-5 other RDs come together, listen, brainstorm, and allow you the space to been your truest self & harness your uniqueness! Each week you will have an EXpress Yo'self seat to work through your challenges, goals, and gain insightful feedback & out of the box ideas! 

You explore your Human Design...learn more about your truest self rather than feeling the constant pressure of who you should be and what you should be doing.

Then we harness that uniqueness...your superpowers & bring that into the RoundTable setting were we connect, collaborate, create community, and allow you the space grow your business & yourself!

By the end of the 6 weeks you will have a better, more aligned understanding of who you are, what you want from your business, and how you grow it in a way that feels 100% you

You'll have a renewed outlook & plan for your business that not only serves your ideal client, but also aligns with what you want for your business. 

If you're ready to put a little woo in what you do...than this RoundTable will be the perfect fit!

I would love for you to join the next intimate session of the co'Lab RoundTable!

Q3 Date | July 19 - August 23

The co'Lab RoundTable is $888 for the 6-week session. Payment plans are available!

Let's chat about your superpowers, your uniqueness & how you can unleash yo'self within the RoundTable!

Explore Your Human Design 

We start by exploring your innate personalize blueprint called your Human Design. It's all about harnessing how you were created to operate before society told you what you should be doing. '

You'll learn how use your unique gifts which can be really affirming...if you've been living your design, or can give you permission to live in a way that is actually authentic and in alignment for how you were created. 

Harness Your Design & Collaborate

Once you've gained a better understanding of your superpowers, your uniqueness, and your human design it's time to shed the layers of shoulding on yourself & step into a more powerful you!

Each week you have the opportunity harness the minds of the collective & rethink aspects of your business that haven't been 100% you...while staying aligned to your human design in an open and collaborative space.

Feel Aligned in Your Business

Discover your truest alignment!

Through discussion, allowing space to reflect, and other perspectives you can grow & create a business that is 100% you! 

Not because you followed someone else's plan to get you there...but because you were able to discover what felt good to you, what you wanted & needed in your business for it to be genuinely you! 

"The biggest lesson I learned in embracing my design is that 'a maybe is a no' I have had a tendency to commit to things even if I'm on the fence about it and identifying that 'maybes' are definitely "nos" has helped me not second guess myself. Also, I completely changed the direction I was going with my next project because of this roundtable and learning my human design."


1 payment of $888 or 3 payments of $333

How Do You Know if You'd Benefit from this RoundTable???

How do you know you're in a place in your biz where you could benefit from being in a RoundTable???

First off...this RoundTable is all about doing things differently!

I'm not a fan of following a status quo...that's why this space is called a RoundTable...not a mastermind, we're all equals learning more about ourselves & our businesses...and growing together!

reThinking the way you run your business...so that it feels like you!!!

Damn it feels amazing when you can let go of the shoulds, and start running your business in a way that feels good to you! 

"I wanted a space to meet & connect to fellow dietitians and The Dietitian Collaborative co'Lab RoundTable definitely met that. I think the small group supported such a great connection!"

Laura J. RDN

1 payment of $888 or 3 payments of $333

Already ready?

Feel like this would be an awesome fit for you & your biz?

I would love to have you in the co'Lab RoundTable!

Upcoming Sessions of the Human Design-Type Specific co'Lab RoundTable!

September 27th through November 1st

Step 1: Choose a payment plan on this page that works best for you.

Step 2: I'll send you an email with start day info and follow you on socials & reach out!

1 payment of $888 or 3 payments of $333