RoundTable FAQs

What is a roundtable?

All about doing things non-traditionally here! A traditional mastermind is totally business related; focused on program creation, increasing income, and business problem solving by each person having a hot seat to present their challenges & gain feedback from the group.

When I created The Dietitian Collaborative co'Lab RoundTable…I wanted it to be more than a business mastermind; it’s a space to rethink the solo in solopreneur & dive into self exploration so that you can make business decisions in a way that feels 100% you! It’s a space where you can collaborate, form genuine relationships, and feel that your human design & your business decisions are supported by your fellow RDs. The mind of the community is greater than the mind of the guru!

Who is the roundtable for?

Registered dietitians who are currently solopreneurs or entrepreneurs looking to do things differently. RDs who want to run their business in a way that serves them rather than following someone else’s blueprint for success.

What’s the purpose of the group?

Create a space for an intimate group of entrepreneur registered dietitians who want to do things differently! It’s for RD who are soo done feeling like they have to do all the things & who want to run their business in a way that feels 100% them!

The goal is for the members to embrace & lean into their human design so that they grow their business in a way that feels aligned without having to follow someone else’s blueprint for success!

What is Human Design?

It’s a system that brings together principles of The Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, the Chakra system, and quantum physics. Your Human Design Chart, also called a BodyGraph, is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your genetic design. So unlike other personality tests you’ve probably taken in the past…there is no space for your brain to get in the way; your human design is innately you!

Think of it as a blue print to yourself…you are super unique and Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates just how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a way that’s in sync with who you are. Yes, all of this is hippy dippy…but I’m a believer in putting a little woo in what you do!

When we live in alignment with our true nature, we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who we are, instead of chasing who we’re not & feeling all the comparison syndrome all the time…we’re able to live out our true purpose in the world. And it feels fucking awesome!

Why is bring Human Design part of the roundtable?

I want to do things differently, shake up the norm & create the space for others to do things differently!

Human design is a game changer! I’ve both personally experienced & witness the impact understanding one’s human design can have on them both personally & for their business!

Personally, everything in my business clicked for me when I started implementing what I learned about my design. I changed my niche & the way I marketed my business to be in greater alignment with my design…using my voice to express myself, and connecting follow RDs to create a real community!

For RDs I’ve worked with, understanding their design has been transformational by allowing them to let go of barriers that were holding them back from the success they were dreaming of in their business! And by showing up in a way that felt aligned they not only gained more confidence, but they were able to attract the right clients!

Will I learn about my human design?

Yes! I gift each roundtable member a human design coaching session, prior to starting the roundtable, with my fave human design coach!

Is there a specific transformation I can expect?

As per my human design & my personal integrity…I only make promises that I can keep! Meaning that each member will have a their own unique journey through their discovery of human design & through the roundtable…I don’t know exactly what you’ll experience.

I’ve had an RD come into the space believing that their goal was to create a group program & then after their human design session…the completely recalibrated & reworked their business! By the end of the 6 weeks, this RD was only choosing opportunities that lit her up (excited her) and felt at peace knowing that she didn’t have to say yes to every opportunity. Also, rather than creating the group program she initially thought would be the next step for her business…she wrote & published her first ebook (which is now super successful).

So, the transformational outcome may be unknown…but the biggest takeaway of the roundtable is that we can release what we think we should be doing, and do what fills our cup, do what serves us, do what feels 100% you!

What does a roundtable session look like?

Each meeting is 2 hours long & each week has different theme to impact a different area of personal & professional growth. The meeting starts with everyone in the group sharing a success they had since the last meeting. We then have the “EXpress Yo’self Seats” portion of the meeting which takes the bulk of the time. We round out the meeting with personal goal setting, and setting up collaborative projects amongst the members for the coming week.

What is an EXpress Yo’self seat?

Traditionally referred to as a “hot seat" ... I call it an EXpress Yo’self seat is where you get the opportunity to address your challenges to the group. Then, the group will ask clarifying questions, brainstorm & provide feedback. Within the EXpress Yo’self seat & feedback everyone’s human design is taken into account so the questions & feedback are provided in a way that is supportive to each member’s human design journey & growth.

Each member will have opportunity for the EXpress Yo’self seat on a weekly basis throughout the duration of the roundtable session. EXpress Yo’self seats can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes per member.

Why should you join The Dietitian Collaborative co'Lab RoundTable?

Truthfully, I’m not here to convince you…if all of this amazingness resonates with you & you’re down to do things differently, make an impact in the way you do business, put a little woo in what you do, connect & form genuine friendships with some badass RDs, then this roundtable is going to be an amazing fit for you!

You have a business coach, you're in another program...should you join The Dietitian Collaborative co'Lab RoundTable?

If you love your business coach I'm soo happy for you that you found someone you vibe with! They're probably teaching you amazing strategy to grow your business...but are they giving you the space to do the inner work? To explore what makes you unique? To harness your innate superpowers? How to show up in a way that feels 100% you? To grow your business in a way that feels 100% you...not a cookie cutter copy of what other RDs are doing so you feel like you should be doing that too? If any of this resonates...and if you're down to create real bonds & collaborative opportunities with fellow RDs then this is totally the roundtable for you! Even if you're working with a business coach. I don't consider myself a business coach...I'm the facilitator, the connector, the community creator so that you & fellow RDs can have the space to think about doing business greater alignment with who you're meant to be!

How many people are in each session of the roundtable?

There will be 3 to 5 max, hand-selected dietitians in the roundtable.

How often and for how long is the roundtable?

We meet weekly for 6 weeks and each meeting is two hours.

Where does the roundtable meet?

Virtually via Google Meet.

What commitment do you expect from me?

Commit to participate in all meetings, show up on time, participate in the “EXpress Yo’self seat”, offer help to others when you have something to give, listen fully, be present, and ask clarifying questions when needed. Commitment to weekly collaboration challenges, homework, and meeting preparation.

What if I miss a meeting?

That's totally up to get the most out of the roundtable it's important to attend all meetings…it’s only 6 weeks! But I get it...sometimes life just let me know. The meetings are recorded, so you can review what was discussed later, but you won’t have a chance to participate in the EXpress Yo’self seat (which is the essence of the roundtable space).

Are meetings recorded?

Yes, each meeting is recorded and available for members to watch.

How is a RoundTable Different from Group Coaching?

A roundtable is about the members supporting & sharing with each other. They share their advice, insights from their own experiences, brainstorming, and feedback. A true roundtable is really about each member addressing their challenge and the rest of the group brainstorming, supporting each others’ human design & decision making processes so that members can learn to use to their human design strategy & authority. The facilitator, is there to keep the meeting on track, the conversation flowing between all members, and to facilitate connection be the members as well as to other RDs.

Group coaching is centered around a coach or guru. The coach will work with one or two individuals and their issues, while the others listen. However, the issues raised may not be relevant to others in the group, but they don’t get personal help.

What makes you qualified to run a roundtable?

Totally fair question! I’m Celestina a fellow RD & master connector! I’ve successfully created and run 3 separate roundtables. I’ve also have participated in a multiple roundtables (masterminds) as a member. I’ve taken what I’ve learned, loved, and disliked from all of these experiences to create a roundtable that is more than business…it incorporates a mind, body, soul approach!

It’s my goal to change our profession, to help as many RDs as possible recognize the benefits of collaboration over competing…and embrace their uniqueness to create a business that feels 100% them, you!

Most of us can benefit from community support & greater introspection of our superpowers…so I run this roundtable to help the solopreneur RD create the business that is 100% them, rather than feeling like they have to do all the things other RDs are doing!

What is the investment for the roundtable?

The investment is $1555 for the 6 week roundtable.

(I'm all about angel numbers...1555 meaning that your dreams are validated & you have what it takes to make them a reality!)

Do you have a payment plan?

The investment can be split into three payments of $550, the first upon signing up, the second 30 days later, and the final 60 days later.

What are the start dates for the 2022 roundtable sessions?

Tuesday January 10th | Manifestors

Thursday January 12th | Projectors

Tuesday February 21st | Manifesting Generators

Thursday February 23rd | Generators

Wednesday March 8th | All Design Types

Can I sign up now for any of the upcoming sessions?

Yes, you can join an upcoming session...and I'll use my innate superpower of connecting people to match you with the other's you're meant to meet. I'll make sure you vibe!

How do I sign up for the roundtbale?

Click here to sign up! After you’ve signed up I’d love to chat with you, so we’ll schedule a time to chat about your business, what your superpowers are, and where you would like to take your business & if your a good fit for the roundtable, you're in!