The Dietitian Collaborative

virtual community spaces for dietitians

reThink the Solo in Solopreneur Dietitian

We became solopreneur dietitians for a flexible lifestyle!

What we didn't realize, is the lack of community that comes with solopreneurship. 

Unlike a corporate job, community isn't built into being a solopreneur...

sometimes, it can feel quite lonely!

This is one of the reasons I created the Dietitian Collaborative!

To bring my fellow RDs together, to connect, collab, and create community!

In-Person Events

Nothing can replace in-person networking & connection. That's why I love bringing dietitians together for intimate events...where you can actually speak to every one who attends, connect more deeply, and actually find your people!

All of the in-person events are collaboration focused...whether there you're listening to a panel discussion or taking part in a mini-mastermind, the topics are centered around making the field of dietetics more collaborative and inclusive.

In-person events include:

RoundTable Rendezvous

Virtual Spaces

Meeting in real life isn't always virtual connection is the next best way to connect with dietitians from around the world and meet your dietitian bestie!

I also bring human design into our convos so that you can gain better insights into yourself & grow a business that is 100% you!

You don't have to do anything that doesn't feel right to you! Learn to use your innate strengths in your marketing, business structure, and in collaborations.

Virtual community spaces include: 

reConnect | Voxer Community

co'Lab RoundTable

reTreat Yo'self

There is a point where the day to day of solopreneurship becomes too much! When this need to reTreat Yo'self to an international destination. 

The five day reTreats give you the space to step away from your business, to reconnect with yourself through human design, and allow you to explore a new country or city!

You'll come back to your work, refresh, renewed, realigned, and ready to make changes to your business that feel 100% you! 

reTreat Yo'self spaces include: 

reTreat Yo'self


Be bold, be 100% uniquely you and you will attract your people into your world! These will be life long connections and potential collaborative partners.


Choose collaboration over competition. The more we can uplift each other, the more successful we'll be at creating a more inclusive field.


Seek out your community so that you feel supported along your business journey. You don't have to do it alone.


Challenge the typical business strategies & feel empowered through your human design to create and grow your businesses in a way that feels aligned.